Saturday, 29 January 2011

I’ve just completed my first week of bento making! I set out to make bento that were cheap, healthy, tasty and quick, but unfortunately so far I’ve only really managed the first two. But never mind, it is only my first week : ) I need to get the focus back on to the food I like to eat, and get some more variety in there : )

One of the hardest things for me about putting my bento together was the amount of time it took for some of them! I really don’t have much free time on college evenings so I’ve got to start planning ahead and making anything that will keep for a few days at the weekend. Making a pot of curry that I can freeze and use as I need it would be a good idea, or I’ve been really craving some cranberry muffins, which can be just whipped up on a lazy Sunday afternoon and then eaten all week.

I bought way, way waaay too much food for one week’s worth of lunches. And I ended up eating the same fruit and veg every day, which was so boring. I need to buy more varieties in smaller packs. Although fruit salad is delicious, it gets dull really quickly. I need to find other ways of getting fruit into my lunch box (strawberry daifuku, fruit muffins, and fruit juice... Even just arranging it differently, on food picks, cut into hearts etc. A slightly different selection every day would be good too).

I’ve ordered a few more bento goodies, including a cute strawberry snack box. I have a really rushed breakfast at around 6am and by mid morning I’m always starving, so now I can pack something to help me through until lunch time : ) I think I’m going to end up spending waaay too much money on this ♥

Most of all I want to work on my presentation : ) I know that elaborate kyaraben are out of the question right now, but I still want my bento to be cute ♥ Hello Kitty rice balls, more flowers made out of fruit and vegetables, colourful mochi, strawberries, miniature fruit ~&hearts : ) I’ve ordered some food picks, and I want to get some cute nori punches soon as well : ) I’ve got such a long bento wish list, it’s ridiculous (I can’t help it if everything is so cute) : )~~♥

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