Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mission statement ♥

I love food. I love cooking it, I love eating it, I love just looking at it. But, as a busy and broke full-time student, finding the time and the money to eat well everyday is a huge challenge. For me, just managing to put together a sandwich to bring to class seems to be a struggle, and day after day I either go hungry or give in to the processed junk food of the college canteen (not cheap, not healthy, and certainly not delicious). For a while I’ve cast longing looks at the nutritionally balanced and oh-so kawaii bento boxes from far-away Japan, but I’ve always thought they were far too time-consuming and expensive for me! I admired them from a distance, and tried to move on with my life.

But then, one Christmas morning, I unwrapped a gift from my boyfriend to find a Hello Kitty bento box, with a matching bag, followed by an assortment of cute accessories to get me started in bento making. I had all the supplies I needed to get me going, and to adapt the art of bento making to my personal taste and situation.

And so, I have begun this blog. I want to try and show everyone that creating cute and colourful lunches doesn’t have to take hours, and that getting a few portions of fruit and veg in there doesn’t mean you have to live off carrot sticks. But also, just because you want something nutritious for lunch doesn’t mean giving up cupcakes forever. It’s all about balance, and just enjoying food ♥


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