Monday, 24 January 2011

My first bento of the new college term ♥

Top layer – Hello Kitty molded free range egg, avocado maki, blanched broccoli, carrot flowers, cherry tomatoes, 2 x containers of soy sauce ♥

Bottom Layer – Papaya chunks, melon flowers, sliced grapes ♥ sprinkled with coconut and slithered almonds : )

~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~

Okay, I had two goes at making the avocado maki, and both were complete failures. I had a lot of trouble measuring the right amount of water for such a tiny amount of rice (and it does seem like a bit of waste if you’re just going to make one tiny serving of sushi or one rice ball. I might start making enough rice for two or three then passing them amongst my friends, since I know they don’t keep well?). Since I could only salvage two tiny rolls, I spent the day feeling very hungry : (

The Hello Kitty egg received a mixed reaction of awe and disgust from my friends (okay, mostly disgust). The vegetables could have done with a bit more than just soy sauce (stir fry next time?), but it wasn’t so bad : ) The fruit salad was delicious, my favourite part of the meal ♥

Rating ~ 2 out of 5 ♥

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  1. Moulded eggs are awesome, screw your friends. Great bento nonetheless!